Where to get Windows software bundle deals?

Where to get Windows software bundle deals

For years now I've been moaning about the lack of a quality 'app bundles' sites for Windows users. Mac users have been spoilt for choice the last few years as sites that have offered software bundles at super discounted rates but Windows users have been left out in the cold a bit. To help fix this I wanted to compile a list of great deal or bundle sites that I've come across lately.

RTE News Reader pulled from the Marketplace

RTE News Reader pulled from the Marketplace

So I guess this was inevitable but RTE sent a cease and desist letter to me via the Windows Phone marketplace tonight. Their reasons for asking for me to take down the app were that I was using the RTE logo (fair enough) and for using the public RSS feeds which according to their terms are for personal use only....even though I never made a cent from the app.

Import a large .sql file into SQL Server using the command line

Import large sql file using command line

A lot of the time we deal with small databases with small data. Importing a backup database is usually ok for these databases using the SQL Server Management Studio. We would normally just open the .sql file we want to import in Management Studio and then click on the Execute button to import it into a new or existing database. Sometimes this just isn't possible. Large databases or big tables mean that the overhead required for SQL to parse and run the scripts just isn't possible.

Dragnet Systems is looking to hire a new Tech Support Developer

new tech support developer role in Dragnet Systems

Dragnet Systems is looking to hire a talented .Net developer for a new tech support role. This is a new role in the company that aims to help reduce the level of support that the top tier developers have to give. Full training of all the in-house tools will be provided but you must have the basics so that you can hit the ground running.

Group, count and order top words or phrases in Excel 2007

This is going to be one of those posts that's probably more for me than anyone else but recently it drove me a little loopy trying to sort out a basic task. I was asked to take one of excel error reports one of our websites generates and get a count for the top 20 recurring error messages. Sounds simple enough you might say, well thanks to Excel unless you know where to dig it can be a little frustrating to do!

How to convert a .htaccess file for use in your Web.Config file on Windows Server

How to convert a htaccess file for use on Windows Server

If you're running a Windows Server and you have to run PHP websites on it chances are that you will be asked to apply rules from a .htaccess file to one of the websites on your server. Windows Server does not use .htaccess files. These usually come from Apache servers. However, Windows Servers use a similar file called the Web.Config file located at the root of all your websites hosted on your Windows Server.

You'll be glad to know that there is a converter built into IIS 7 that will convert any .htaccess rules into the format required for the Web.Config file. To convert your .htaccess file simply follow these instructions:

The dreaded Server Application Unavailable IIS error

The dreaded Server Application Unavailable IIS error

Server Application Unavailable

Is there any error more annoying in .net web development? I hate this error because it's so unhelpful. I actually got this error today and it took me a while to track down what the issue was thanks to that rubbish error message being returned to me.

One of the guys inside in work setup the project for me for a new website but never changed the .net settings from the default asp.net 2 runtime to the asp.net 4 runtime. "No problem" I thought and I quickly updated the runtime from .net 2 to .net 4 using my handy command.

Arabic culture that uses the Gregorian calendar

Arabic culture that uses the Gregorian calendar

One of the multilingual sites I work on was recently converted to Arabic. The site was already running with French, German, Polish and a whole host of others but Arabic was our first right to left language on this particular site.

Once we got the right to left stuff working for our HTML - mostly by using the 'direction' attribute in CSS - we noticed that our code was failing when displaying dates in the system.

How to get Wordpress working on Blacknight's Windows hosting

I recently setup a Wordpress site on my Blacknight Windows hosting account using their Web Applications tool. During the setup I had 2 issues that I could not find any blog posts on that I thought might be useful to other people out there who are trying to do the same thing as me.

My requirement was to install Wordpress on the root level of my domain.

Files uploaded through Wordpress on Windows Server are missing permissions

When uploading files in Wordpress, PHP uses a temporary upload folder. By default PHP will use the C:\Windows\Temp when uploading files. If you install PHP and Wordpress onto your Windows server then you might notice that any files uploaded through Wordpress are not accessible on your site. This is down to PHP taking the folder permissions from the C:\Windows\Temp folder which does not have public access granted on it (for obvious security reasons!).


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